Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oscar Web Application V1.1

Last week, we got some more new requirements on our web application project. As I mentioned in previous post, the version 1.0 "e-hoomaluo" only has one page which displays the carbon emitted information for one day and mark the data with different color based on a threshold. For version 1.1, we just need to modify the version 1.0 a little bit based on the comments that we got.

Basically, we have two important issues to work on:
1. Change the user interface so that the content will fit in one screen.
2. Change the threshold calculation so that in each day there will be some red, some yellow, and some green.

In this case, I volunteer to work on the threshold calculation. In version 1.0, we just pick some arbitrary value as our threshold. It is hard to have a spread red, yellow, and green in this way because the threshold we use represents the statistic in a long period. Therefore, I decide to use a moving average method to generate a dynamic threshold. After I implemented this method, it looks pretty good as a result.

Since last week in class we discussed about Oscar Web Application V1.0, I learned some interesting things about web application design. First of all, use the space effectively. Try to fit the content in one screen so that user does not have to scroll around. Second, keep the interface simple and clean. Third, make sure the default input value is a valid input, so that default input can show user an example how to use the system.

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