Friday, December 18, 2009

My Experience of Software Engineering Class

Finally, the software engineering class is over. It has been a pretty busy semester for me. In the beginning of this semester, I did not follow the class very well. I was kind of not getting used to so many work during one week or even two days. There are lots of blog posting and I never post a blog before. But now, I am used to it.

Being busy is not a bad thing. I learned a lot of new things in this semester. Before, I never used Java. Now I am pretty confidence with Java programming. I never used eclipse either. Now I am pretty familiar with eclipse. Before, I never created a unit test in my project, but now I understand the importance of testing and what is a good test coverage and quality. Further more, I never heard about Apache Ant and all those quality assurance tools, such as PMD, CheckStyle, and Findbugs. Now I learned how to distribute the system and make use of those auto-quality assurance tools. In the end, we worked on a web application that using Apache Wicket. Before I only used ASP .net frame work and now I have some experiences about Apache Wicket. The most important experience I gained this semester is that project management. Before I mostly code individually, now I learned how to split the work and use issue management tools to manage the schedule and effort.

After all, I think this class is an interesting and important class for me. It makes me more professional and helps me establish good coding habits. I am pretty satisfied with the content that covered this semester. However, if we talk about different software planing technique such as Agile, it will be more interesting.

Anyway, it is a nice semester to remember. Thank you very much for Dr. Johnson and all of you who helped me in this class.

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