Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GeoMap Project Report (Apr 22 - Apr 28)

During this week, I mostly worked on implementing the different mode of GeoMap gadget. Also I spent some time on creating icons and some error handling (e.g. No source is visible on the map). Here is the latest code for GeoMap Gadget.

Here are some screen shots:
Interface when gadget first loaded:

If the mode is consumer or generator:

Right now GeoMap gadget will calculate the level thresholds dynamically and change the source icon according the source's latest sensordata. However, it requires a lot of HttpRequest to be sent and processed, which makes the loading kind of slow. I have asked Robert see if he can implement a function that retrieves all sources latest sensor data. If so, I think it will cut the time significantly. For next week, I will work on the subsource link for virtual source and maybe some error handling.

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