Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Protential Visualization for Milestone 3

After the second milestone, we closed down some finished projects (Stoplight gadget, Kukui Cup design) and start up with some new projects (CSS design, Innovation visualization). This time, I was in the Innovation visualization group. Paul and Jarret are still my teammates, and we have Kendyll and Edward joining in.

Our first task for milestone 3 is to think of a potential useful visualization that can be used in Kukui Cup. Professor Johnson provided us a list of possible visualizations, such as:
(1) Annotated timeline.
(2) Bio Heat Map.
(3) Drastic TreeMap
(4) Dygraphs
(5) Gauge
(6) Geomap/Intensity Map
(7) Motion chart.
(8) TermCloud

Among those visualizations, I think Geomap/Intensity Map is very cool. It is also very challenging too. I couldn't think of a way to program a image to update part of it dynamically without re-loading the whole image. Another visualization I am interested in is Bio Heat Map. It can provide lots of information such as the trend of energy usage in a specific time interval. Motion chart is very amazing too. However, right now I don't have any experience in the motion chart API yet.

Anyway those are the top three visualizations I would pick. Hopefully after next meeting, I will actually work on one of them.

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