Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Geting start with Google Map API

Recently, I am working on a project called WattDepot GeoMap. This project is a Google gadget that displays the sensor data from WattDepot Server on a Google Map. Since I had no experience of using Google Map API, I decide to do some research on its documentation page. The documentation for Google Map API is very detail, and it provides lots of sample code that help users to understand.

Among all these examples, I think the custom icon example is the most helpful for a beginner. It contains a lot of functions, such as:
- load Google Map API
- create a Map object
- set the map center
- create an icon object
- create markers object
- load marker options
- add some events for the marker
- display markers

These functions are very basic. However, it is good enough to build some nice Google Map gadget with these functions already. Here is a screen shot for the GeoMap 1.0 I made.

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