Tuesday, November 3, 2009

WattDepot Client and Working in a Group

Last week, we started on a new project: "WattDepot Client". This is a client program that retrieves data from the WattDepot server. The task for us is to implement a command-line style user interface and the system, which reads and processes the command. Following are the commands that the client should be able to recognize.
2.1 help
2.2 quit
2.3 list sources
2.4 list summary {source}
2.5 list sensordata {source} timestamp {timestamp}
2.6 list sensordata {source} day {day}
2.7 list power [generated|consumed] {source} timestamp {timestamp}
2.8 list power [generated|consumed] {source} day {day} sampling-interval {minutes} statistic {max|min|average}
2.9 list total [carbon|energy] generated {source} day {day} sampling-interval {minutes}
2.10 chart power [generated|consumed] {source} {startday} {endday} sampling-interval {minutes} file {file}
As you can see, there are a lot of things to implement. The good news is that we are not building from scratch. We have the code for the command-line interface and also some libraries that will make life easier.
I was assigned to the Umikumakolu team. My partner George is a very talented program er. I learned a lot of thing from viewing his code and he always can help me out when I had a problem.
Finally, we successfully finish the WattDepot Client development. We break up the work according to our skill of programming. We analyze the problem, and figure that the command with a lower number tends to be more trivial. So we decide that I will work from the front while George will work from the back, and we should be responsible for testing the commands that we wrote.
I think the whole development went through pretty smoothly. We had a daily meeting during the weekdays. In the weekend, we emailed our status to each other. I really enjoyed pair programming. I think pair programming gives me more motivation and I write my code more carefullly because I know my partner is counting on me.
I hope we can have more group project in this class.

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