Friday, September 10, 2010

JavaScript vs. Java in web application programing

The past week, I started on my graduate project, which is creating a JavaScript library that facilitates data retrieval in a web application development. In my particular case, my library needs to retrieve all kinds of energy data from a WattDepot Server. Actually, a year ago, my classmates and I worked on a similar project. It was about data retrieval and data representation. The only difference would be that we were using JAVA and Apache Wicket at that time. Then I start asking myself: Why I need to create a new library using JavaScript instead of using the JAVA one we built before? This week, my research focus on finding the value of my graduate project and why use JavaScript instead of Java in web application programing.

Frankly speaking, All I know before is that there are a lot of differences between Java and JavaScript, such as Java needs compile where JavaScript doesn't. I don't really understand why people choose one from the other. After this week's research, I think I got a little idea on why I should create a JavaScript library. Here are some reasons:
1. JavaScript page loads faster then Java ones. When a web page loads a Java applet, it needs to check if a Java Run Time Environment is installed or not. If not, user need to install one in order to load the Java applet successfully. In the other hand, JavaScript is build-in in the browser, which means you don't need anything external to load a JavaScript page. This makes JavaScript more suitable for web application.
2. JavaScript uses DOM(Document Object Model), which is also used in HTML. Thus, JavaScript can easily modify web content, such as creating containers dynamically and so on. However, in Java web application, programmers need to define the containers in advance in an XML file, so that the Java applet can tell the different field.
3. JavaScript is relatively easier when people need to make a change in the application. Since JavaScript is run through a browser, user can easily alter it and see the changes in the next run. Java applets run independent of the page. Programmers need to change the code, then compile the code, then open the page again before seeing any change.

I agree Java is a very mature programming language. It can be used every where and had lots of libraries that handle all kinds of complicated tasks. However, in web application development, JavaScript is easier and more handy for developers. Therefore, it is necessary to have a data retrieval library in JavaScript if it will be used in web application development.

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