Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Next

Since we finished development on our first Google Gadget Project last week, we are ready for some new project. So during the meeting with Dr. Johnson, he introduced our next project (WattDepot Gadget Monitor) to us. Also during the meeting, we found there were still some minor things need to be taken care of. Therefore, the task for this week is to clean up the rest of Stoplight Gadget and also start the development on new project.

For the clean up, we added a new user field called title, which allows user to specify what this gadget for. Since we couldn't get the scalable image working, we created a drop down menu to let user pick the size of the image.

My task is to create the first version of WattDepot Gadget Monitor. WattDepot Gadget Monitor is a google gadget that retrives a value from WattDepot Server and display it. It allows user to choose a source from all sources in WattDepot Server, as well as data displayed in the gadget (either Energy or Carbon). Because I had some experiences in gadget development from last project, this time the version 1 development went pretty smoothly. The only problem I had so far is that I am not sure how to generate the drop down menu dynamically. Hopefully, in the following week I can find a solution to it.

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